7/27 lucked out

We made our way back down to the southern inshore lumps again searching for tuna. The bite has been very hot or miss but when it’s on, it’s awesome! Anyway, we setup on anchor in flat calm seas around 530am and started chunking. We stuck it out here until 1030 and only had a mahi and a Bonita to show for it. We picked up and mosied around a bit looking for marks, and a friend gave word of a little pick of yellowfins on bother lump so with nothing going on where we were we made the move.

By about 1130 we setup on the drift and got the butterfish chunks going. The water was so clean today you could see them go for a ways so if anything came in our slick we would know it. We ended up getting hooked into. Fish on the bottom rod right away and got the nice 50 pound yellowfin in the boat. We waited some more and at 12:10 we started seeing some books on the surface then yellowfins cutting the surface. What an awesome sight. We saw this for 5 minutes before our first bite, but then, it was game on! 

We got 3 40-60# class yellowfins in the boat quick and had 7 fish hooked with 5 crew in about 10 minutes. They were all around the boat and we kept tossing chunks to keep them around. Free playing musical rods around the boat we started getting some in the boat and hooking into others. The Bonita and smaller yellowfins moved in. 30 minutes later we had put 8 nice 40-60 pound yellowfins in the boat, let about as many throwbacks go and a couple barely legal yellowfins as well. Awesome action. Made the day in a half hour. All it takes sometimes 

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