Stone Harbor Marlin Tournament Day 1

Well today was a very bittersweet day. We decided to make the 95 mile run to the deep of the Lindenkohl Canyon to fish the piece of water out in the back there. We made our way out and smooth sailing all the way. We pulled the throttles back once we got there and started to look around for marks on the sounder or some kind of life before lines in. I went to put the throttles back up and we instantly smelled antifreeze. Uh oh. Been here before. We did a few checks and came to the conclusion the issue is most likely major. 
We made the decision to start pushing back towards home on one and fish a bit on our way. It didn’t take long before we were covered up with 10-15 pound mahi and caught 4/5. Dropped lines back in and a White Marlin came in on my bridge rod with a DownSea Blue Party hat and ballyhoo. Game on! In the turn we had another white come up on our teaser but it did not eat. Casey got a clean release on that one. And we got back on it. We were marking plenty of bait and had a little time so we decided to make some passes.
Not long after the white we had a sizable blue come in on my bridge rod, this time a black and red Party Skirt on a medium ballyhoo. She piled on and off she went! We immediately got lines in and started going after her. This fish was all over the place and did three rounds of amazing series of jumps and greyhounds showing her size to be around 600 lbs. Casey got the release and off she went. What an awesome show from the bite to the fight!
We got lines back out and WHAM! White Marlin on my right teaser (blue squidnation squid chain with a black/purple Ilander Express with a mullet). Spencer got the bait and switch on his naked ballyhoo and fish on. Jody was on this one and we got a quick release. Lines back in and a few more passes and then and explosion behind the same teaser. About a 150# blue all over it. Justin was able to switch this blue to the big pitch and game on. He got Casey on the rod immediately and after a great fight she got another clean release on her second blue and third fish of the day. AWESOME!!!!
We made a couple more passes and then the right long naked ballyhoo goes off, white Marlin hooked up. Unfortunately we pulled the hook on this one early in the fight and then had another white come up shortly after that did not eat. Awesome few hours of action that we unfortunately had to leave to get in by 9pm to hand in our tournament slip since we knew we would be 10 knotting home on one engine… Hoping to figure out how to get out on another boat tomorrow to use and hopefully end strong for the tournament.

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