8/20 report

After being down for two weeks, we got the Saltitude back offshore fishing for Marlin. We ran back out to the 1000 fathom line between the Lindy and the Spencer and started of having a white come up on the pink squid chain teaser and switched the fish off to a naked ballyhoo. Justin got the release quickly and we got back on the troll. We pounded around the general area but we weren’t seeing much as far as bait or signs of life so we started working down the line a bit.

We saw a few whales and some rip lines and up on the left long with a DownSea Blue Party Hat/ballyhoo came in a nice blue marlin. Charlie was hooked up on this one a solid 300-350 pound fish. After chasing it down we got a clean release but not before a solid and beautiful jump right behind the boat! Always awesome catching blue marlin! Not to long after a white Marlin popped the left flat line out of the clip and the fish faded to the right long and was on. Casey got the release on this white and that was all before 11 am. After that we couldn’t get a bite no matter what we did. We ended our day on the 100 line in the Spencer canyon and picked up to go home at 330pm. Slow fishing overall in the 81.5 degree blue/green water…

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