First Trip on Exile 65

Well with the epic Marlin action we have been seeing here in our canyons, it’s has been driving me crazy hearing all the awesome reports and not being able to get in on the action, BUT Exile 65 is rigged and ready and we went for it today. While we didn’t get to see the numbers as today overall was a slower day, we still had great fishing by any means.
We started our day in the NE corner of the Baltimore and early on had a white Marlin pile on the right long ballyhoo with a DownSea Blue Party Hat, but no connection. The bite was very slow and the fleet was plenty big given the fact the bite here yesterday was great. By 930 with no real action we picked up and ran to the Wilmington where we knew there were some fish yesterday and we needed to find something new.

We ended up with a slow but steady pick of action as follows up until we left at 4pm:

1030 Randy release white Marlin that bit right long ballyhoo/PartyHat

1115 miss billfish 

1125 Elise 250# blue Marlin release on a blue and white party skirt on right long

1245 dalton white Marlin release on a pink black party skirt with a large ballyhoo on the bridge rod

130 right long party hat/small ballyhoo billfish bite missed

220 Gary white Marlin released right flat naked ballyhoo behind the triple mullet dredge

235 small blue Marlin on Squidnation electric blue teaser with black red Ilander Express/mullet and missed fish on the switch

300 miss white right long naked ballyhoo

310 saw two more white Marlin trailing long but no bites. 

Ended the day 3/6 on White Marlin and 1/2 on Blue Marlin. Fun and great first day on Exile 65..!

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