Line Classin’ Wahoo 9/26

There have been some decent wahoo swimming around in our waters so Maureen wanted to try and target wahoo on 8# test and needed a 55# wahoo to get the Women’s record.  We pulled 5 lines all day with all wire.  We started in the SW corner of the Wilmington and the first two hours of daylight the tunas were biting pretty good.  I thought we would get lucky and get a bit eon wire but it never panned out.  We worked a good 5 degree temperature break (74-79 degrees) here on the 100 fathom line but no bites for us other then skipjack tunas.

We picked up and ran inshore of the Baltimore and trolled over the inshore lumps there down into the Hot Dog Notch.  The water was fairly green and 72 degrees until we got to the hot dog notch we found blue and 75 degree water, but only false albacore bites.  Not meant to be for us today on the Trade In

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