October 7/8 Overnighter ‘Justified’

Imaged for Captain Joe Trainor on an overnighter searching for whatever wanted to bend the rod. The seas were 3-7 feet throughout the duration of the trip with wind in 15-25 knot range out of the NE. We have had sustained NE winds for about a month now so it has been tough to get trips in, and with what seems like never ending cloudy and mixed cloudy days, getting positive satellite images has proven difficult.

Regardless, we had a small “window” here to get this trip in and went for it. We started in the Wilmington just outside the natural 100 fathom line and found the 72-75.5 degree temperature break.  We got a few bites right away and connected on one nice yellowfin that went 75 pounds on the scale.  We hooked into a nice wahoo that skied out on the short rigger on the bite which was awesome to see. Unfortunately, only inches outside of gaff range the big wahoo shook its head and chewed through the leader.  Major bummer.

We trolled until dark and managed to catch a 54# wahoo on a Bomber CD30, a small mahi, and then got another nice yellowfin  in the 60# class on a black and blue sea witch/ballyhoo right before dark. Overnight the bite was slow.  We had an erratic swordfish about 2 hours into our first drift and all of his direction changes led to a pulled hook. We released a 160-180# blue shark and had one more shark bite that didn’t develop along with 2 more sword bites that never really fully took the bait.  Tough night of fishing but overall, some quality fish and plenty of meat in the box to end the trip.

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