11/16 Stripers

Today I fished with some friends on a 24′ Mako and as we made our way out we were lucky enough to stumble upon some smaller stripers. It was game on for us all morning with stripers ranging from 22-30 inches. All they wanted were 3 ounce bucktails tipped with 6″ shad bodies. Awesome action and we went on to catch and release easily over 30 fish. As the tide began to slow the water got dirty and the bite slowed so we decided to take a ride South.

We ran for a bit down the beach in 40-50 feet of water and stumbled upon a whale into the bunker thick from 30-45 feet down. We started snagging the bunker with the snag hooks and loading the livewell. We let one out on a circle hook and it didn’t take long for a striper to find it. Game On! We continued to follow the bunker school around by resetting drifts when we marked the bait and picked at 2-4 stripers per drift for the remainder of the day. The fish on the snag and drop all were 36-45 inch stripers. Awesome action and a lot of fun!!!

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