Cuba LiveAboard March 3-14

We were lucky enough to get to spend a good amount of time in Cuba just recently on a trip we had on Exile 65. We started off in Isla Mujeres, Mexico and made the 100 mile trip across to the West side of Cuba to Cabo San Antonio. Cabo San Antonio was very very rustic, not many people, and not much to do other then fish, dive, and maybe lay on a beach all by yourself. It was an experience in itself and the bottom fishing was fantastic. We caught over 30 different species of fish here between our trolling on the bank to bottom fishing. We caught wahoo, blackfin tuna, king mackerel, mahi, and barracuda on the troll. The water temp was 81 degrees for the 4 days we were there and the winds were strong at 15-30 out of the NE everyday which limited us to primarily bottom fishing for grouper and snapper which was awesome fishing. We even got in the water on the last day and shot a few lobsters as well.

After our four days in Cabo San Antonio we made our way to Havana. We spent 3 days in havana to explore and see the city. The architecture truly was amazing and there were old cars EVERYWHERE which was pretty wild. The culture is colorful with Cuban bands playing around every corner and people dancing. We even checked out Ernest Hemingways house and saw the infamous Pilar which was pretty cool. We didn’t do any fishing in Havana but we did fish the Tortugas out of Key West and had an awesome night of bottom fishing with the highlight being the African Pompanos.

Cuba truly was the trip of a lifetime and it is something we hope to do more of. It was so much more then just a fishing trip. That said, time to get back to hardcore fishing as we leave for Cat Island, Bahamas next week!!

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