Fourth of July

We had some perfect flat calm seas on the 4th of July and went out to the edge looking to check a tuna off of Mary’s bucket list. We got a late start with lines in at 8:30 and started fishing in between the Spencer and Wilmington Canyon on the 100 fathom line in blue green 74.5 degree water. We found some bait that we worked until we finally got covered up with a triple header of yellowfins. Unfortunately we pulled the hook on all three. Ouch! 

After working down and back up into the flats of the Wilmington with no bites, we decided to make a run to the inshore grounds around the Hot Dog to look for something better. Right away we grabbed a gaffer dolphin. We worked down the 30 fathom line a little until we finally got whacked by a solid 45 pound yellowfin tuna on the right way back Downsea blue tuna flare and Mary was on her first tuna. After a great fight Tyler sank the gaff into the tuna! We managed to pick up another gaffer dolphin as we got lines back in and we headed home. Tough fishing but we got what we needed! 

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