Whacking Yellowfin 

Today I ran out on Exile65 in search of tunas. It was a beautiful ride out and we got to the Spencer Canyon at daybreak in 75 degree blue green water. It didn’t take long we got a triple header of yellowfins. 2/3 were keeper and one was a decent 35 pounder. The sailor gulls were wheeling around until 8 am and we kept picking away at fish all morning catching 7 yellowfins, 4 of which were keeper fish.

The bait and birds disappeared so we started making our way down the 100 fathom line and we found a little bit of bait and started to work it. For two hours we had a steady pick of quality 40-60 pound yellowfin tuna other then a pair of throwbacks. We caught another 8 more here keeping 6 of them. 
There really wasn’t a hot bait today as we got bit on both meat and plastic. If I was to call out too three today it was the green machine spreader bar, Downsea Blue Tuna Flare, and the black/plum Islander sea star. Very fun day of fishing on Exile 65 on the troll in the canyons!

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