7/28 Stone Harbor Tournament

Today we fished the Stone Harbor Invitational Marlin Tournament out of Cape May on a Exile65. We ended up fishing the Baltimore Canyon in green 77.5 degree water – pretty difficult to find anything better looking on the edge this year… anyway, we had some good bait marks and worked em hard and released a white marlin out of the gate on the left flat line ballyhoo with a pink party hat. Not long after we hooked into a white on the bridge rod ballyhoo with a downsea blue party hat and got a clean release. 

We kept working the edge where the bait was and saw a tailing white that never bit, then had a white paddle in on the left dredge that had Fish Downsea purple dredge shads. The white went to switch to the left flat but never ate. Around 11 we had a 200-250 pound blue come in hot on the bridge rod but faded away. It was really quiet mid day until we caught a mahi at the end and that was the day. Overall we lucked out on the weather, stayed dry, and even saw the sun, haha. Looks like the next 4-5 days are going to be a blow out. Bummer….

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