8/14-15 Overnighter

We ran a long overnighter for the Ocean City, NJ Overnight Tournament. We started back in the SW corner of the Lindy and had a white up on the teaser right away that didn’t switch. BUMMER! The rest of the day was soooo awfully slow. We dropped for tilefish for a bit just to break up the day, then we worked up into the Carteret, into the deep, back to the edge, then ran up to the Carteret again to try and snag a tuna at dark with no success. We drifted all night for swordfish and not a touch allll night. We worked our was inshore looking for a qualifying dolphin, wahoo, and tuna. We managed to pick at some dolphin and caught 2 qualifiers which for now have us in the money. We got smoked on the down rid and we thought for sure we had out wahoo on but it turned out to be a 4′ mako which we released. We saw a blue marlin tailing on the surface that never ate and that was it. VERY tough trip! Not what we had hoped for at all.

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