I mated for Captain Joe Trainor for an overnight charter aboard the 48′ Ocean Yacht Justified. With the slower reports we decided to start the day on a high note and deep dropped for golden tilefish then went pot hopping for mahi on light spinning tackle. Luckily for us both types of fishing was on fire and we loaded the kill box up with plenty of meat before we even got on the troll. We trolled to dark without much action other then pulling off a tuna on a green machine spreader bar. There was a 1 degree break in the canyon and we were fishing clean blue/green 69.5 degree water.

We setup in the drift for the night with the wind out of the SW at 10-15 knots. We setup in the SW corner and right away had a swordfish come tight on the sword bait. We ended up putting that one in the boat rather quickly which was a great start to the night! After releasing a pup mako shark we got into some action with what seemed to be tunas while we were on yet again another swordfish. We hooked into 4 more fish but every one of them chaffed off since they swallowed the hooks and chewed through the leader, but the swordfish stayed tight and after 2 hours we got that one into the boat that went an estimated 150 pounds. Awesome fish.

We kept resetting our drift and got into another really nice swordfish that we chased around like a blue marlin for an hour. The sword proved its strength and kept swimming along the top all over the place effortlessly as we kept trying to get close enough for a gaff shot. The fish made a few wild runs at the end and unfortunately we pulled the hook. Just before sunrise we did release a blue shark and had an estimated 130# mako shark harass our tuna baits and never commit to the bait we had intended it to eat. We chunked hard into the sunrise but no tunas and took off for home. All in all fun trip, and plenty of meat for the guys! Fishing seems to be improving and I can’t wait to get back out there!

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