10/22 Opening Day Black Sea Bass

I ran the 52′ Ocean Yacht Saltitude for the opening day of our sea bass season here in NJ. We started off in 100′ of water in the 68 degree water on a wreck first thing in the morning and has plenty of action. We caught about 30 keepers here in the first hour and a half and caught 3 times as many throwbacks. The boats started to pile in and the bite slowed down drastically. We ran out to another wreck in 120′ and had all you could want as far as small sea bass go and lucked out on a 20″ tog but moved on quickly so we didn’t burn through so much bait on the smaller fish.

We ran out past a few other known spots loaded with boats and ended on another wreck in 120′ of water and put 7 more keeper in the box before calling it a day. Clam seemed to work better today then the squid. The sea bass were coming up pretty full spitting up 3-4 whole calico crabs that we turned around and used for bait as well and it was effective for sure. Back at it tomorrow.


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