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2/21 Epic Ending

Grenada gave us an amazing send off today. Most of everyone was flying out in the afternoon so we gave the fishing a shot for half a day til noon. Right away we got doubled up on big yellowfins and we had a father and son hooked into em. Davis was on for his yellowfin ever. We were able to get both in the boat and they were 120-140 pounders. Awesome fish!

We got into a Sailfish right away with tunas on the deck, pretty awesome. Then picked up a pair of 15- 20 pound mahi. Awesome morning. Then on the right teaser came in the nice 200-250 blue. Frank fired out the 50 pitch with a big ballyhoo and party skirt, and GAME ON. Osh was in for a battle and we got the release quick.

At that time we smelled fuel and after a quick check I realized fuel pressure was unstable and shut down the port engine. Ran down and fuel everywhere and the engine room. The o ring gave way on the fuel filter. It was 1145 so we started trolling home on 1 engine as I fixed and cleaned that. As I was about done here comes another blue on the ballyhoo with a blue party hat and Davis was on for his first blue marlin. After some amazing acrobatics we got a clean release and wow, what a day.

2/2 blue marlin, 1/1 Sailfish, 2/2 yellowfin, and 2 mahi.

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2/20 Love Tuna

We lucked out first thing in the morning and saw the birds with the birds f yellowfin tunas blowing up under them. We pulled in and couldn’t even get much in the water and Game On! After a 45 minute battle we boated the 110# yellowfin and then got on the troll for Billfish. Overall billfishing was much slower for us today going 2/3 on Sailfish. Not much bait or signs of life today, but you can never count Grenada out. Tomorrow could be epic, and always great having fresh sushi in the boat!

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2/19 Grenada Quick Report

Today we got started a little later. The first couple hours started slow but we did get into a couple of flurries of action. We ended up raising 9 Sailfish and going 4/7 on them and we missed a nice size blue marlin that wouldn’t switch to the big pitch and faded to the 20 on the long, so maybe it was a blessing we missed that big girl on that one BUT it sure would’ve been fun chasing around and trying to release a nice blue on light tackle. Tomorrow is another day, hopefully we get that opportunity.

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2/18 Fun Morning

We fished til 1pm today here in Grenada on the 45′ Hatteras Exile and ran into the tunas skying our on flying fish in the birds first thing again. We chased them for 10 miles and 2 hours with 2 other boats in the mix and none of us could get a bite. So frustrating but such an incredible site. Looked like National Geographic with the yellowfin tuna, bites, dolphins and flying fish everywhere.

We gave up on that and got on the troll and managed to go 2/4 on Sailfish, 1/1 on white marlin, and got into a nice yellowfin on the 20 with 30# and straightened the Hook out on it after 20 minutes. Solid action.

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2/17 Slower Today

Today we slipped out around 645. We only made it out about 6 miles before we saw the bird bombing and tunas skying. They were moving FAST and they were hard to get in front of. Made t very difficult to get bit and unfortunately we could not cash in.

We made our way out to the 1200 fathoms of the north and the weed was horrendous. We managed to get three Sailfish bites in the mess but just could not connect. We kept sliding Downsea to the south until we got out of the weed and worked a few bird packs and raised a few sails that wouldn’t eat and released 1. That was the count for the day. Slower today but hoping tomorrow shows better things.

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2/16 Tuna on pop guns

Today we started off fishing a little further out then we have the past few days since we didn’t see too much life inside. We managed to go 2/3 on Sailfish fairly quickly and then wham! There it was, big yellowfin on the long rigger on the 30. Rich locked in for the fight and did great but unfortunately the leader parted after and hour and 45 minutes on the fish.

Mid day we were able to go 1/4 on Sailfish just pulling the hook on two close to the boat. Things were rather quiet until we had a series of explosions on the teasers that were big yellowfins but none of them ever took a Hook bait. Bummerrrr! Another fun day of fishing in Grenada.

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2/15 Quick Report

We slipped out for a half day with me Frank Sandy and Guy to get a little early morning fishing action. Right away the birds were working hard about 7 miles from the marina. After trolling for about 20 minutes it was game on with a double header of big yellowfins! One ate the pink and white tuna flare and the other a blue and white joe white heavy head. The first one came in the boat rather quick and was right at the 100# mark. The next one gave us a hard time, and rightfully so since it turned out to be a solid 150# yellowfin with some big beautiful bright yellow sickle fins.

We got back on the troll and had a double header of Sailfish pop up while the guys were getting the tuna right so we missed those. Not too much later we had a small blue marlin around 150lbs cruise in and light up on the right long black and purple party skirt and game on! After a couple of great jumps behind the boat we released the fish and headed home!

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2/13 Half Day Report

Today we fished a half day in the morning on Exile in Grenada searching for billfish. The bad luck kinda continued for us today. First thing in the morning we had a tuna bite and miss the right long party skirt/ballyhoo and then while getting another one up in the rigger we connected. About 10 minutes in the tuna chafed off the leader since it inhaled the bait. BUMMER.

The rest of the day kinda went the same and to make a long story short we lost about a 200# blue marlin during a series of jumps about 15 minutes into the fight and went 2/7 on sailfish. Day off to get the boat ready for a hard week of fishing. Can’t wait to shake off this bad luck and start racking up the releases!


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2/12 Back in Grenada

Today was a bittersweet day overall. I usually post a report here, but instead, I am going to post my notes from the day that I keep on my iPad as a personal log so you can see how it went down:

715 started in 500 fathoms about 8 miles from cut

Water temp 78.5 degrees starting in blended blue water

Started off chasing Tuna on the 500 and had a sail bite on the right long blue and White Sea star but no hookup so we switched over to the Billfish spread

835 Miss sail off switch from right teaser mackerel express

840 pulled hook on sail on left teaser squid chain on the dump switch

845 raised sail left teaser chain no switch

850 raised sail left chain no switch pulled off on left long dump naked

855 raised 1 right long blue white party skirt no eat

935 pulled one sail to spread from cuttin birds no eat

950 double: miss sail right long black purple party skirt and pull hook on sail left long naked

1000 miss blue right long black purple party skirt – fish caught me on wrong side, my fault on the call

1030 hooked 2 out of triple and released 1 sail. Had two fighting over the pink chain, funny sight

1105 I missed sail on right long, are you fucking kidding me today!

1120 sail pop right flat no eat on drops

1125 raise sail right long no eat

1145 right long dsblue party hat hooked up lost on turn. AHHHHHH

1210 hooked sail left long naked. About to go get it and pulled hook. FRUSTRATED

1235 lazy sail on left long naked, hooked up on dump when he faded and released it

110 left long and left teaser double. Switched and hooked 1 for release and lost other

115 right long, dump hookup and pulled hook


0/1 blues

3/16 sails

Just one of those days. So many pulled hooks and bad luck but so fun regardless!

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Grand Grenada Slams Video

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