2/12 Back in Grenada

Today was a bittersweet day overall. I usually post a report here, but instead, I am going to post my notes from the day that I keep on my iPad as a personal log so you can see how it went down:

715 started in 500 fathoms about 8 miles from cut

Water temp 78.5 degrees starting in blended blue water

Started off chasing Tuna on the 500 and had a sail bite on the right long blue and White Sea star but no hookup so we switched over to the Billfish spread

835 Miss sail off switch from right teaser mackerel express

840 pulled hook on sail on left teaser squid chain on the dump switch

845 raised sail left teaser chain no switch

850 raised sail left chain no switch pulled off on left long dump naked

855 raised 1 right long blue white party skirt no eat

935 pulled one sail to spread from cuttin birds no eat

950 double: miss sail right long black purple party skirt and pull hook on sail left long naked

1000 miss blue right long black purple party skirt – fish caught me on wrong side, my fault on the call

1030 hooked 2 out of triple and released 1 sail. Had two fighting over the pink chain, funny sight

1105 I missed sail on right long, are you fucking kidding me today!

1120 sail pop right flat no eat on drops

1125 raise sail right long no eat

1145 right long dsblue party hat hooked up lost on turn. AHHHHHH

1210 hooked sail left long naked. About to go get it and pulled hook. FRUSTRATED

1235 lazy sail on left long naked, hooked up on dump when he faded and released it

110 left long and left teaser double. Switched and hooked 1 for release and lost other

115 right long, dump hookup and pulled hook


0/1 blues

3/16 sails

Just one of those days. So many pulled hooks and bad luck but so fun regardless!

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