2/21 Epic Ending

Grenada gave us an amazing send off today. Most of everyone was flying out in the afternoon so we gave the fishing a shot for half a day til noon. Right away we got doubled up on big yellowfins and we had a father and son hooked into em. Davis was on for his yellowfin ever. We were able to get both in the boat and they were 120-140 pounders. Awesome fish!

We got into a Sailfish right away with tunas on the deck, pretty awesome. Then picked up a pair of 15- 20 pound mahi. Awesome morning. Then on the right teaser came in the nice 200-250 blue. Frank fired out the 50 pitch with a big ballyhoo and party skirt, and GAME ON. Osh was in for a battle and we got the release quick.

At that time we smelled fuel and after a quick check I realized fuel pressure was unstable and shut down the port engine. Ran down and fuel everywhere and the engine room. The o ring gave way on the fuel filter. It was 1145 so we started trolling home on 1 engine as I fixed and cleaned that. As I was about done here comes another blue on the ballyhoo with a blue party hat and Davis was on for his first blue marlin. After some amazing acrobatics we got a clean release and wow, what a day.

2/2 blue marlin, 1/1 Sailfish, 2/2 yellowfin, and 2 mahi.

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