4/6 Picture Perfect

Today was one of those day, beautiful flat calm day, sunny overall, 80 degrees and fish were biting. The morning started slow as we put two mahi in the box. The weed was thick so it kept me busy in the pit today shagging grass off of the baits and left Joe searching for pockets to fish in.

It turned on a little by mid morning when we released a white marlin on a naked ballyhoo on the left long. Then shortly after about a 250# blue marlin piled on the right long ballyhoo with a crystal fish Downsea party hat. After a solid battle Al released not only his first white but now his first blue marlin. Then we had another white marlin pile on the left long naked ballyhoo and we got a great aerial show before the release.

Mid day is slowed a bit until we found some mahi later in the day and we whacked 10 more gaffers in no time. In the midst of it all we had a Sailfish come in on the naked ballyhoo behind the pink fish Downsea shad dredge and there was our Grand Slam to end the day. Doesn’t get much better then that!

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