First Trip of NJ Season

We ran an overnighter Monday into Tuesday on Exile out of Cape May, NJ. Without a solid SST SAT image we went where we thought the water we were chasing would be and got on the troll around 2 pm. Unfortunately we missed and found the water late where we managed to get 2 yellowfins out of a quad all on tuna flares and ballyhoo and then two more single yellowfins on spreader bars just before dark. All of our bites were in 500 fathoms in the edge of the water but it was a very gradual break.

We setup on the drift specifically targeting sharks and sword hoping to get into a quality fish. As luck would have it, the sword rod goes off and the fish is stripping line at 22 lbs of drag and just going. Todd settled in for the battle and after a good 45 minutes Frank sunk the gaff into a nice 60” bluefin tuna! Awesome surprise.

We slid south to catch back up to the water and got on the troll just before first light. At 4:50 am we had a quad of yellowfins. We boxed one and released one that was small. Another pulled the Hook and we had a little bad luck with the last one boatside and lost that one. We kept working the area in 600 fathoms along the gradual break without much life or any bait marks and managed to grab two gaffer mahi and a double header of 40# class yellowfins.

Very fun first trip in NJ aboard Exile!

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