Thursday was Day 1 of the Mid Atlantic Tuna Tournament and the weather was perfectly flat calm. Other then a few thunderstorms we had to avoid on the ride offshore in the morning, it was a beautiful day! We got pushed out of our starting position where I wanted to be due to the thunderstorms and started an hour late, but we got on the troll and began our search. The grass/weed was fairly thick so we were working hard all day keeping the baits clean.

I found the temperature break I was looking for and started working it. there was a very nice weed line and the water went from 72-74.5 degrees and was pretty blue on the warm side. We started off with a small mahi and shortly after that a double header of yellowfin tuna and boated 1/2. We kept working the line out deeper and then POW! 9 rods down and 9 yellowfins on. We went on two boat 6/9 yellowfins on that cover up. We got the lines back in and then we hooked into a white marlin on the left long and got a clean release as it was lit up neon when it was boat side giving everyone a show.

We kept working the area and went on to get 3 more cover ups on yellowfin tuna, one of which was where all 14 lines got hooked into quality yellowfins. We ended the day with 20 yellowfin tuna, quite a few of which we released and headed for the scales. All of our tuna were 45-55 lbs with one larger one at 64lbs caught by Mary! Great day fo fishing and if put us in the money for the time being in the tournament.


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