Day 1 WMO

A lot of time in preparations the past week getting ready for the White Marlin Open. I had just got back from a trip to Grenada to get Exile 45 and move it to Trinidad. We did Fish Grenada for 3 hours on the way out of there and went 3/5 on wahoos and a few mahi as well. Then fished for tarpon on day in Trinidad and released some of those awesome fish!

Anyway, got out offshore on Monday for Day 1 of the WMO. Ended up starting in the eddy out deep of the Poormans. There wasn’t much to it. Slow fishing and only saw 1 fish hooked all morning. We picked up and ran inside and saw whales and dolphins working an area together. We have that a half hour and nothing so continued running to the 100 line where we managed to get a white marlin bite that we lost in the turn. We could have certainly loaded up on mahi but none were tournament size so we had to pass em up. Otherwise very tough fishing. 2 days to go!

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