Day 3 WMO – So Close


Final day of the White Marlin Open started rather slow for us. Went right back to where we were Thursday. Not much to it but we were marking bait I continued to pound on. Finally after and hour and a half I decided to move on. Not even two minutes later there was an EXPLOSION on the left teaser. I had a mouthful of my second bite of my sandwich so I could not yell Blue Marlin big pitch!!

After a 10 second delay of her return and me getting my bite of my sandwich down I was able to call out the bite properly and the crew reacted so we could switch her off to the big pitch. Everything went smoothly and we got her on and settled in with Keith on the rod.

All was well, and she was down and dirty for awhile. We changed angles on the big fish and she moved around a lot and showed herself well a couple times. Unfortunately after 4 hours and 40 minutes of a rediculously hard fight it was time to change anglers so game over on the kill. The fish showed her strength to two more anglers before we let her go but she never allowed an opportunity for a gaff shot the entire time. What an amazing fish and a hell of an experience!

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