9/5 Lotsa Bites

We made the run up to the Hudson to get the crew a lot of action and it paid off. Plenty of bites. Ended up release 8 whites. Here are the notes from he day.

Lines in at 650. Started just before 100 square, 78.5 degree water and blue

655 hooked 2 out of a triple released 1

709 had one behind right long but picked up weed and fish faded

715 long rigger Bite, chafed leader didn’t see

810 pulled Hook on one switched from left teaser

829 missed white left long black blue party skirt

834 missed white left flat Naked

852 release white off left teaser naked

905 right flat naked released

1016 pulled Hook on 1 in turn hooked off left flat naked

1108 hooked White off left teaser party hat  released

1151 bridge rod blue white party skirt jumped off white

1236 miss one right long naked

111 non eater on left teaser

132 right flat party skirt released

343 white right long naked trail and fade. Tried dump and nada

408 bridge rod black red party skirt white released

429 left teaser blue switch to bridge rod chugger Head and lost fish

4:38 left flat party skirt white released

451 release white left long Downsea blue party hat

602 missed double. Bad sunglare due to going after a free jumper. SUCKS!

635 miss white off right teaser 

638 stayed in turn and pulled Hook on one hooked right long naked, probably same Fish from teaser bite we missed

650 one on teaser and bridge rod. Epic fail all tangled up. Hooked neither and a zing pow!



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