Only Takes One

Today we ran out on the Trade In looking to get into some meat fish with wahoo and mahi the target. The first 15 miles was fairly bumpy but after that the wind dropped out and we had a smooth ride. We started just inside the tip of the Baltimore on a small weedline and caught one bailer dolphin and worked to the canyon. After about two hours of no bites we decided to try pot hopping for mahi with light tackle.

The first couple pots had mahi but they were very finicky due to having already been messed with by other boats just before us. We were just a bit too late. They other balls had just been cleaned by the pot boat so no go.

We trolled a bit more into 40 fathoms on a few lumps then back out to the pots that had a few mahi. We were able to get them to eat somewhat and picked away at 10 or so. We got back on the troll back inshore to look for the weedline we found in the morning and we did find it. We worked around the line and finally the right flat 2 ounce Fish Downsea Tuna Flare color Rasta goes SCREAMING! Wahooooooooo! A nice one at that. Steve battles it out and we got the 60# wahoo in the boat.

Sometimes it only takes a fish to make the day. Beautiful sunny and flat calm day on the water, and some fish for dinner to top it off.

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