Exile Back to Grenada

After a week of prepping and getting things together on the Exile 45 along with a few sea trials, we were ready to go get her to Grenada today. Me, Kristie and Matthew took off at first light and started our way to Grenada. We got on the chug to conserve fuel and once we were about half way to Grenada we got lines in and right away, blue marlin on the right teaser. Matthew switched him to a plug and game on.

Kristie our in a solid fight for a clean release on a 150# blue marlin. Shortly after we were on again on the right long. Kind of a mystery bite but it took a lot of drag. Kristie was on again and once we got the fish boatside for the release it was clear it was her first white marlin!!!!

As we got closer to Grenada and got to the edge we switched over to wahoo gear and it didn’t take long to catch a 30# wahoo for sashimi and dinner tonight! We bounced out from there and tried to find a sailfish but ran out of time as we wanted to get in as well as we had some generator issues I needed to sort out. All in all, successful boat move and always nice to throw in some good fishing in transit!

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