SIBT Wrap Up

Well, it was a crazy busy week so here is the wrap up.

Day 1: we loaded up on wahoo for the boat pool points in hopes of holding up there

Day 2: I couldn’t find a billfish to save my life day 1, but Day 2 was game on. Found the color change I was looking for with a nice suspended weedline on it. We had real bad luck and ended 0/11 on sailfish

Day 3: I ran back to the same area and we picked away and bites and the boys in the pit were on as we went 5/7 on sailfish jumping into 4th place

Day 4 / lay day: we went out and fished for 4 hours just because and went 1/1 on blue marlin and 2/3 on sailfish.

Day 5: we ran back out to where we had been but the conditions weren’t there. The mahi were tho and we caught a handful of bailer dolphin and even a wahoo that luckily stayed connected to our circle hook on mono. We did miss a sail there but then ran up inside and had a solid flurry of bites going 1/5 on sailfish up there.

We ended the tournament in 5th place and won the meat category. Good times!

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