Chaos and confusion

Well it’s been a lot of fun her lately. Have a great group of guys here that were down for anything and we did some exploring.

Day 1: 10/17 on wahoo in 5 hours. Cut it off, don’t wanna be greedy. Did manage a double header of 12 pound mahi as well in the mix. Top baits were wahoo belly strips on a billy baits and the Fish Downsea Wahoojo on the down rod.

Day 2: went up north to Ronde Island. Fished for a couple hours off of grenada and went 1/3 on sailfish. Had some fun Exploring and got into a couple bottom fish including a nice 10 pound mutton.

Day 3: did some bottom fishing but wasn’t what we expected. Had some fun and caught some small grouper and moved on to see some of Carriacou which was pretty amazing.

Day 4: Trolled our way back to grenada. Lots of weed and managed 1 mahi but got to grenada quickly and then had a few hours or time to try for billfish. Went 2/7 on sailfish, lots of wind and tricky bites for the boys. Everyone on the trip that never caught a sailfish has 1 now! We did have a blue marlin crash the teaser but never can back. Anxious to see what tomorrow holds!

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