6/26-27 Overnighter

We ran up to the Lindenkohl Canyon in hopes of getting into the action we heard form a couple friends in the morning hours before we left who were picking away steadily at yellowfins. The weather was perfect, flat calm and a nice ride out. We dropped lines in and WHAM! We got a nice 50# yellowfin on the boat. After that we raised two white marlin that didn’t connect. That was it for the evening. The bite seemed to have shut down a couple hours before our arrival.

Night time was a beautiful starry night, but lifeless. No bait at all in our lights or on our sounder. Around 2 am finally we got a bite on our shark rod and game on. This one was serious and stripping drag. After about 25 minutes we had the shark close to the boat but pulled the hook. All I could think was “Really?” Ouch!

At first light we got on the troll and worked into the Carteret but only manages another white marlin bite and some small throwback yellowfins. We tried to work inside of the Lindy to see if the fish didn’t push in but no love. Tough one for us.

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