Day 2 Grenada Tournament

Today was day 2 of the spice islands billfish tournament and the bite was on. Plenty of fish caught today in the blue 81.5 degree water here. We fished outside 100 fathoms in the morning and had an amazing sailfish bite and even found some sails balling bait. The first bite of the day was a sail on the right long and we got into the turn for a bit and then WHAM – 300# blue marlin on the teaser! We eventually got it to switch and got it hooked up but unfortunately pulled the hook after 10 minutes.

After an epic morning bite we slid south and shallower and managed to get a bite here and there’s the end of the day it turned on again and we had 6 bites in the last hour. Our day ended with us going 9/18 and lost a blue. Those numbers placed us in first with a 900 point lead (basically 3 fish lead or a blue and a sail/white). Hopefully we can keep our composure and make it happen on Saturday!


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