Grenada Round 2

I made the crossing to Grenada on the Exile Friday. We lucked out and had relatively calm seas for the crossing so we stopped and deep dropped for about two hours and caught some red snapper for dinner for the week. 

Saturday was day one and the sails showed that they were still here. We had a little bad luck on getting hooks into them and ended up 3/10, ouch. We had most of our action early on and the afternoon everything got real quiet, no birds, no life.

Sunday we got back to it and right away we saw some nice yellowfins. We gave it a shot chasing the birds on the yellowfins. But they never really came together so we got back to billfishing. After that flurry the sea went dead. It was lifeless, no flying fish at all, which is strange for here, and the water was blue green. Anyway we picked at a few here and there and went 0/2 on sailfish in the morning. We did manage to pluck a 30# bull dolphin in the blind. We picked up and ran 12 miles to the south hoping to find something different with no success. We did get a double and halfway into the fight we pulled the hook on both of them – certainly not what we needed – then got right back on the troll and caught a white marlin and that was all she wrote for the day. 

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