7/25 Whoa Blue Marlinsss

Wow, well today was a pleasant surprise. We ran out to the Baltimore due to 3 days of wind keeping people on the beach so no fishing reports and also no SST image, and we went in hopes of finding maybe a stray tuna, and couple whites, and some maki. The mahi were certainly there and we put about 2 dozen in the box, but what really made the day great were some awesome blue marlin bites, fights and releases along with a white marlin.

The morning started with a 300 pound blue that piled on the party skirt on the flat line and game on. After some awesome jumps and chasing the fish around a bit, the leader chafed off. Ouch. Shorty after we had a 175 poun blue marlin piling on the left teaser and Radny switched that fish off to a blue and white tuna flare that was on the short rigger. Awesome fight and clean release. Mid day things slowed down but we did get a white marlin off the left flat line with a party skirt and a nice release on that one.

At the end of the day as we were starting to pack up we had a small blue marlin around 100 pounds pile on the right teaser and randy switched that one off to the right flat line and we needed the day going 2/3 on blues and 1/1 on whites. Lots of fun!


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