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Day 3 SIBT

We made a long run west looking for water only to find it sucked wayyyyy offshore. We did manage a blue marlin bite out there but no connection. The wind started to come up so we picked up and ran back inside to end the day structure fishing and went 1/5 on sails in there. Tough tournament for us. Congrats to Magic Lady on the well deserved win! Great times, always a fun tournament to fish!

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Today was a tough one for the entire fleet, and we were no different. I ran all over creation looking for something special only to find green green water! We had some bites but didn’t capitalize today and I didn’t feel I ran over what I’m capable of today so frustrating day all around. At least it was calm (I hate when I have to refer to that for a positive – haha). Lay day tomorrow then we need a big last day Thursday!

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Day 1 SIBT

Tough one for us today. The morning started off great with some action going 2/5 on sailfish finding the birds on radar and raised two others that didn’t eat. Then it became a desert for us big time. We ended up getting caught way out of position at the end of the day (how I feel at least) and a few boats got into some action that we couldn’t get to. Hopefully I can put the boys on a better bite tomorrow!!

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1/26 quick trip

We got in a quick pre fish trip this morning before the SIBT starting tomorrow. The day started very quiet but then we got into a few bites. We ended up 1/1 on spearfish, 0/3 on sailfish and have a nice 400+ blue crash the teaser twice then never come back, OUCH!

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1/25 Mixed Bag Fun

The morning started off a little slower then yesterday but we did manage to pick away at some sailfish bites having a little bad luck losing a couple. We switched gears to wahoo fishing for the afternoon as the billfish bite got quiet and ended up getting 4 solid wahoos for the boys! Fun day, here are the notes:

Overcast day, light winds

730 started fishing

921 raised sail right flat no bite

945 release sailfish right long pink party skirt

1017 jumped sail off bridge rod chugger

1030 missed one left long naked

1221 released sailfish

1230 switched to wahoo fishing

115 30# wahoo on shotgun pink white islanders trip bait

132 left long black purple tuna flare with strip bait wahoo 20 pounder

143 pulled off wahoo on right long

220 1/2 wahoo. Left long pink white islander woth flying fish bait 45 pounder

250 right flat black and red Wahoojo 35 pounder


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1/24 Fun Fishing

Finally got our season started here and put in our first day chasing billfish. Game on! Here are the notes:

730 started fishing

750 blue on flying fish chain bad pitch no catch

945 2 sailfish out of a quad. Started in flat line, then two sails fighting over flying fish chain, then finally switch one, then both long rigger (one naked one party hat) hooked up. Pulled 2 caught two.

1035 1/1 sailfish off right pink chain

1120 1/1 sailfish left long party skirt

1200 miss sail right long t bone bite naked bait

1220 release sail left flat mini chugger

1250 pulled sail off of bridge rod party skirt

105 double release 1/2 one on naked flat line and other naked long

210 release 1 sailfish long rigger party hat

240 miss sail naked bait

7/13 sailfish and 0/1 blues

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Fished a 5 hour this morning and started inside looking for sailfish and marlin. The water inside was green and we kept pushing off trying to find better water and life but never came across it inside 6000 feet. We switched gears for the last hour and a half to try and get some wahoo and finally we got a quick melee but unfortunately were only able to keep on one the hook long enough to get into the boat. Tough morning but still squeezed out a catch.

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