Ready to FISH

Ready to FISH! It’s been quite a process, but the refit plus lots of other repairs and upgrades are finally finished. I couldn’t be more excited for 2020 with this rig. Sitting pretty and ready to go here in Grenada through Easter on this fishing machine! The bite is on already here! I still have some prime times open so CONTACT ME if you wanna come see what this beautiful island has to offer both in the Blue Water and on the island.

A huge thanks goes out to Chris Van Grieken for helping me out in every way with this project, and his family for giving me a place to live while the boat was in the yard as well as coming on the Curacao to Grenada Crossing. Barry De Paulo for making sure everything went through as we had planned, Marc from Envi Boats for helping me convert my cockpit design to CAD and coming down to help with the projects for a couple weeks and bringing Ray when I was in a pinch. 

I have to say, when I arrived in Curacao to the boat in the boatyard the end of September, I wasn’t sure how we would get everything done before 2020, but thats to everyones efforts to help me out we got it done, and done WELL!

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