2/17 Catchin

Today we started off finding birds and porpoise about 6 miles out and gave it a try for tunas for 45 minutes but we didn’t see what we wanted to see. So with that we ran off another 8 miles and set out. It took too 10 to get our first bite, sailfish on the left teaser, perfect switch then weed piled on the switch bait. Sandy shook it off, the sail found the bait again and then weed again and the sail faded. Ahhhhh. Hate that but ok.

We ended up getting a sail off the left long and hour later and got a clean release. After that it was quiet. Not normal for here. Around 1 we found. Some birds and porpoise again and tried to work them for awhile before getting a double header Mahi and Tuna! We boated the 30# bull and then a half hour later got the 130# class yellowfin on deck! SCORE! Love those big tunas!

We pressed on and at the end of the day found some floating debris we pulled couple Mahi off of to round out a solid day of fishing here in Grenada!

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