COVID 19 Update – Charter Fishing

Well in NJ we are still unaware when and if we will be allowed to run fishing charters as of yet, but we sure hope they will open us back up by early June which is typically when our tuna fishing is ON FIRE with bluefins, yellowfins, and bigeyes. I still plan to run my trips on the 61′ Viking, Wish You Were Here, and it is expected to be ready by early June. NC will be opening up in a few days, and they have some great tuna fishing going on now. If you need to fix the itch to fish, boo a trip with a charter boat in NC and help support charter captains and mates while having fun filling the boat full of sushi!

As for my boat, it is still stuck in Grenada as the borders continue to remain closed until further notice in nearly every Caribbean Island Nation. I have no idea when I will get back to my boat, but the way it is looking now, it will be remaining in Grenada until my season starts back up there in October.

In the meantime, I am just getting some boats ready up here in NJ for the upcoming season and hope to jump on some sea bass fishing as that opens this week and maybe even chase a line class black drum record in the DE bay with Maureen Klause. Until my next post, stay safe and stay healthy!

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