6/9 Bluefins!

Today I ran out on the 55’ Gwaltney “Low Profile” searching for tunas! We got started at first light and found the whales, birds, and dolphins with some false albacore and a few bluefin tuna in the 30” class. We picked through the false albacore until we had our under bluefins in the box. All bites came on plastics in 64 degree water on the 30 fathoms line.

Once we had our under bluefins we made a move to go look for something different in the canyon. The water was 66 degrees and green, and we managed to lick out on a really nice 60” bluefin tuna to round out our bluefin tuna limit.

We continued to work towards the break and ended up finding 71 degree blended blue water but not much to it. At the end of the day I trolled into the cold, green water for a bit and we did end up getting a quadruple header of small throwback bluefins to end the day.

All in all it was a fantastic day on the flat calm Atlantic with meat in the box!

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