Weekend Reports

I have been too slammed to have a minute to post my reports so here they are.

Friday June 19th. Ran the 41 Jupiter Reel Work for Day 1 of the South Jersey Tuna Tournament. We started in the Poormans and could not buy a bite. Picked up and ran to just below the Baltimore Canyon but were arrived to the bite there too late and only caught 1 throwback yellowfin tuna. Tough Day!

Sunday June 21st. Day 2 of the South Jersey Tuna Tournament on Reel Work we ran to the Wilmington Canyon and had great action in the morning going 2/6 on yellowfin tuna and 1/1 on white marlin. We could not get a bigeye bite and then everything shut down until 1:30 when we got a double header Bigeyes on. Unfortunately as bad luck would have it we pulled the hook on one and busted off the other. YOUCH!

Monday June 22nd. I ran the 52 Ocean Yacht Saltitude and went back to the Wilmington. It looked entirely different, less bait, no life or birds around, and no bites. We shoved out to 800 fathoms when we found a nice 2 degree temperature break and grabbed a double header of 50# yellowfin tuna in the whales, but that was it for us for the day.

Unfortunately for us, 3 tough days of fishing. Not what I was hoping for.

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