Mid Atlantic Tournament

What a week full of highs and lows it has been. With the tropical storm offshore, we decided to make Monday a layday. We rigged all day and I went to do my pre day check and the port engine would not start. Turns out it was seized due to many issues out of nowhere. Crazy bad luck, the engines only had 600 hours on them. Big Ouch. So I scrambled to find a boat and Joe Trainor pulled through for me lending me the Low Profile.

We hustled Tuesday to get the Low Profile down to Canyon Club in Cape May and prep her to be ready for three days of tournament fishing.

Wednesday we fished the Carteret Canyon and just a few miles south of it. We had a few tuna bites and plenty of Mahi bites along with a white marlin on the teaser that did not switch for us. Then we had a double header of whites in the spread, hooking one fish and then another and missed a third bite. Brian Hurley fought the white and we pulled it aboard and it taped out to 70”x26” so we kept it for the scales. Our other fish turned out to be a 60# yellowfin tuna that Carl got to the boat after a strong fight. Our white marlin ended up going 68 lbs which got us on the board!

Thursday I started just above the Lindenkohl Canyon in the 79 degree blue water. The grass was a mess making fishing difficult. We decked a 68”x24” white marlin and released it. Then it got quiet. We covered ground to the SW corner of the Lindenkohl and boated a 35# longfin tuna. Then we got into some bait and mammal life in about 300 fathoms off of the corner. We went 2/3 on white marlin here in the last hour and a half boating one that was 70”x24” that ended up weighing 61lbs.

Friday I started in the SW corner of the Lindenkohl. We got into some action with Mahi even trying to stay away from them, plenty there, but no marlin bites. Lots of bait so I pounded it out but nothing ever came to life. I worked my way down to the NE Corner of the Spencer and found a rip and some bait. We missed a white marlin, boxed 4 longfin tunas, one that went 64 lbs, and then had a blue all over the teaser but she never switched.

That was the end of our tournament. Great times for sure and we walked away with a little money for being on the board with our white marlin.

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