9/17 – last chance marlin

The marlin fishing locally has been overall slower this season, quite possibly one of the slowest season in the past decade. With that, we have managed to pick at them, but we wanted to give it one last try before the NE wind from all of these storms moved in on us. We started the morning on the Wish You Were Here trying to grab a couple tunas before we ran offshore to look for billfish. Unfortunately, the bite didn’t turn on until later and we had to leave if we wanted to go find some marlin.

We picked up and ran to the NE corner of the Wilmington. The pots were bare, no mahi at all, and not much for bait marks until I got up on the flats. the water was very blue, and finally after an hour of searching we got our blue marlin bite, and wow was it explosive. It piled on everything in the spread, we missed it twice, and finally I was lucky enough to get a third shot at her on my bridge rod. Game on! After a great display of acrobatics we got a release!

We managed to go one for two on white marlin after that and that was our day. We were lucky to get that kinda action and ended up having the best of it for the area. I’ll take it!

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