10/3-4 Overnighter

We had absolutely perfect weather this weekend to run an overnight trip on the Wish You Were Here. We started in the Lindenkohl Canyon and trolled for an hour and didn’t see much so we tried pot hopping for a bit. There were plenty of small Mahi on the pots but most had lockjaw. We managed to get a dozen on the box. After that we did 5 deep drops for swordfish and hooked three but unluckily pulled the hook on all three.

We got back on the troll and made our way up to the Carteret which was dead and ended back in the Lindy for the night. At night we managed to go 2/3 on 90-100 pound swordfish, released a mako that was about 120 pounds, and fought a huge manta day for 2 hours before we finally saw it was in fact a manta day and not a big swordfish.

For Sunday morning we ran inshore and found crazy whale and dolphin life all over the surface and the tunas were in there. We managed to box 6 stud yellowfins ranging from 55-75lbs. Really awesome trip with a great group of guys!

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