Sea Trial / Fish Trial

I gathered up a couple friends so I could get the boat out for a day on the water, and truly test every system on the boat to see what needed to be fixed and what was working fine. The weather was flat, beautiful, and today was the New Moon. We started the day trolling up off of Guoyave to the north of the island in 6000-7500 feet of water. I saw a couple tunas sky out and turned towards them while quickly getting a couple 50W in the mix. WHAM! The left long went down, left flat got exploded on but missed, then the right flat came tight! Game On!

The battle on the 50was about 50 minutes and we boated a beautiful 120# Alison Tuna while we were still on the other that ate the 30# outfit. After an hour and 20 minutes, we got a harpoon at her but it grazed the back. 5 minutes later we got the 100 pounder in the boat!!

With that we made out way up to Ronde Island and anchored up for lunch to check all of those systems. Yup, battery charger for the windlass and bow thruster went bad. Anyway we still anchored for lunch and then made our way out to the edge in the afternoon to deep drop for snappers.

We did manage to catch a couple snappers and a couple black jacks deep dropping. The birds were working around us on top of blackfin tunas pushing some bait and we did manage to catch one of those as well. We called it a day after that and made our run home. Successful day overall other then my drone crashing into the water and sinking to the bottom and the list of things to fix, haha.

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