12/20 Kate’s First Blue

We got started today fishing around 730 in 84 degree water with a stiff NNE 20 knot wind. The water was blue green and O saw plenty of flying fish throughout the day but never marked anything on the sounder. The blackfin tuna and birds came and went plenty but nothing was ever around them.

The first bite came at 900 and we missed a sail off left teaser. Beaitiful switch but jumped him off. At 1035 we had a double header and missed both of them as a third popped up on the teaser but never ate anything. I did a few loops to try and re raise that fish but no luck. Then at 1120 we missed yet another sailfish. OUCH.

We had a few mystery long rigger bites and we couldn’t ID the bite due to the glare when the bite happened. Finally at 1230 we had a blue marlin peel off the left dredge and pile on the left flat party skirt bait. It didn’t come tight and came in hard on the left teaser. We had the big pitch out but he piled on the right flat instead and game on! Kate put the work in and we got a good show and a clean release. That made our day!

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