12/29 Bottom Fishin Mission

With the perfect flat calm weather (not something we get too often here in Grenada), I wanted to take advantage and go try to learn some bottom fishing here. We started the day on top of the reef at Reindeer Shoal in the green 84 degree water fishing 60-90 feet of water. Plenty of rock and coral meant lots of snags, and no bites at all between the snags. We kept moving out further and deeper and started to get some bites and caught a few rock hinds and Jacks.

We tried a few deep drops as well for grouper and snapper as well as a couple for daytime swordfish, but not much love although we did manage a few snappers and groupers for the dinner table that made all that reeling worthwhile. No, I do not have electric reels for bottom fishing. Around 230 we decided to switch up and spend some time wahoo fishing. The last hour from 430-530 it came alive! There were birds on the blackfin tunas, speedos, rainbow runners were showering. It looked incredible, and it was. We ended up pulling the hook on a blue marlin and went 2/5 on wahoo. Unfortunately we ran out of time and had to head for home. Fun day of fishing!

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