1/15 TUNAS!!!

I fished with my friend on the 44′ Henriques “Rum Knuckles”. We were going with one thing in mind, tunas! It was a pretty day with a moderate 15 knot Easterly wind. We ran offshore a bit until we found a little bird action and set the lines out. It looked like it was going to come together but never did. We did however manage to come across a log that we picked 2 small wahoo off of as well as 1 mahi and jumped off a few other mahi unfortunately. Not long after that everything dissipated and the birds scattered.

We trolled around some more searching for the birds, and by 1100 we found them! And wow did we find em. It was complete NatGeo! Birds everywhere of all kinds, 100-200 pound yellowfin tunas skying out like crazy, porpoise in the mix, flying fish getting up, and through the day we even saw a nice blue marlin cutting on the surface. Unreal, and it was game on for 4 hours straight. We went 7/9 on nice yellowfin tuna up to 165 pounds. Beautfiful fish! Most of them we caught on the blue and white 2 ounce tuna flare and also the Downsea blue and pink tuna flare, both rigged over a Ron-Z Tail. We also caught 2 on a crystal sea star with a ballyhoo.

Super fun day, and we left em biting at 3pm. I actually got to crank in 4 of them which was a fun change of pace for me. What a fun day!

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