Job Site – Curacao 1/30-31

I just arrived to Curacao and my friend Chris who helped my with the boat retrofit had finally got the chance to finish his 40′ Custom Boat he has been building. He has been fishing quite a bit the past few months here in Curacao and getting pretty dialed in! With that we went out Saturday late in the day and fishing around the northern side of Klein Curacao. It didn’t take long before a blue marlin came up on the right long. We got the bite and had him on but pulled the hook. As the sun set we got covered up in blacken tuna and put 4 in the box quickly. We switched over to jigging and caught 3 more before the bite ended and anchored for the night at Klein Curacao.

We woke up at 4am the next morning and tried jigging tunas, but it seemed the 2 day old Full Moon had the night bite kind of finicky. As grey light came we started to mark tunas but could not get a bite on jigs so we started to troll and as I was letting out the first line, WHAM! A yellowfin inhaled the bait. We went on to pick at 2 more quality yellowfins and then switched over to billfihing. It wasn’t long before a nice 400# blue piled on the right teaser Fish Downsea Flying Fish chain with a blue and white Express chaser. Unfortunately the LP went dead and we couldn’t get the fish off of the teaser, but fortunately a smaller blue was with her and we hooked that one up on the left short ballyhoo/fish Downsea big chugger combo. Chris went on to fight that one and we got the release after about 20 minutes.

We got back on the troll and the left long Fish Downsea chugger/ballyhoo went off. It seemed like a tuna bite but the fish was swimming upset and fast like a blue. We chased the fish for awhile on the 30# gear. After chasing for awhile the blue finally showed herself and put on some awesome jumps showing she was around 400 pounds. We were able to get the release while she was on top. We trolled a bit more but no more bites and called it a great trip at that!

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