2/6 blues and tunas

We set out to leave on the 40’ Custom “Job Site” early am to try and get into the tunas on jigs. After a few miles the crew smelled fuel and Chris went down to inspect and the port engine was spitting fuel out near an elbow to the secondary fuel filter. After further inspection we found the o ring broke. So we had to come back in and wait for stores to open to get another o ring.

After the repair we set out for Klein Curacao and it didn’t take long to get our first bite from a yellowfin tuna on the left long fish Downsea mini Chugger on a medium ballyhoo. Unfortunately towards the end of the fight we pulled the hook. The rest of the afternoon was slowwww. Not a bite or any signs of life.

We stuck it out and finally we had a pair of marks on the sounder at 80’ that looked like the right marks! Less then a minute later we had a blue marlin all over the right teaser Fish Downsea Flying Fish Chain. Chris pitched the 12# test outfit to the 150# blue and got a bite but it dropped him. As he was reeling it in the right long goes off and San Cochoooo. Chris still reeling in his bait the left long gets a bite form a blue and immediately Chris got bit again by his blue. Missed em both. Ouch.

With that everyone was awake again but bummed! We grabbed a small yellowfin tuna after that melee! As the sun started to set we adjusted to a tuna spread and wham. Double header yellowfins. We boated one and lost one. Then we looped around and got another crack at them. 2 bites and hooked one and we got that in right at dark and headed home.

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