My 3 Favorite Locations to Fish

I have a video on this topic on YouTube in an effort to start answering questions people have for me.

I have actually had some extra time on my hands due to Covid still holding up my charter schedule abroad, so I took the time to make a little video and also write this Blog about my 3 favorite locations to fish. What prompted this was I get asked this question all of the time! Very loaded question, and every place I have ever fished has something extremely special about it, but I narrowed it down to the following three locations…


Grenada is somewhere I started fishing back in 2013 and continued to do so Winter after winter for a few weeks and then as time went on it started to turn into a few months extending into the Spring. Grenada is a safe and friendly island, and its so easy to get into and out of because most of the places to stay are within 20 minutes of the airport as well as the marinas. 

Grenada has a year round fishery, but the peak billfishing and wahoo season tend to be in the Winter months. Sailfish are abundant and blue and white marlin mix in to help round out the Grand Slam. Some days the big Yellowfin Tunas are thick and you can get yourself one of these fish of a lifetime that have the big beautiful long Alison Sickle Fins. If all else fails, go target wahoo on the edge of the drop offs. It truly is an incredible fishery all within 2-20 miles of the island!

Grenada is a naturally beautiful and lush island with a rainforest in the center of the island. There truly is so much to do on the island as well as many great places to go out and get a nice dinner or a drink. My personal favorite spots are:

Island Fever: ( A laid back open air atmosphere ate the Le Phare Bleu Resort & Marina. Plenty to choose from on the menu and the bartenders poor well!

Aquarium: ( Set on magazine Beach with an incredible view of the island, the Aquarium can be both casual and fine dining. Great food and drink menu, and try to hit the Sunday BBQ.

La Plywood: ( Inexpensive small bar right on BBC Beach with a cool ambiance, amazing view, and great fish tacos! As the name suggests, its pretty much all made out of plywood.


The Bahamas has a special place in my heart, and to be honest, I have only ever truly experienced the Out Islands of the Bahamas. I absolutely love it out there! Its remote, rustic, and the fishing is incredible, especially when you time it right. I spent 8 years in a row with Captain Joe Trainor fishing the Southern Bahamas and wow did I learn a lot there. The action is fast and furious, and that area has a lot of options so being ready to numerous types of scenarios was the key to success fishing in the Bahamas.

I spent most of my time in Hawk’s Nest Marina ( located in Cat Island. The staff there is so amazing, nice, and helpful. The restaurant on site is great when you want to have a meal off of the boat. And as for the fishing, WOW. It’s probably the best place to billfish in the Bahamas. April and May you can have the opportunity to catch a Grand Slam any day, and the mahi run thick and they are large!

San Salvador ( the Winter months is an incredible wahoo fishery, and you can get some monsters there. I was lucky enough to get 2 there over 100 pounds. Its also a great location for Blue Marlin Fishing around June.

Where I really enjoy roaming around is south of Long Island. Flying Fish Marina ( is a great spot to call base if you want to do live aboard style trips anchoring out and fishing in Crooked Island, The Acklins, Hog Sty Reef, and of course the infamous Diana Bank. Great mixed back fishing in all pdf these areas.

3.New Jersey

Yes, New Jersey. I tell people this a lot and they say, “What!?!? New Jersey, really?”. Although our runs usually are kind of long to the fishing grounds, New Jersey truly has world class offshore fishing. The tuna fishing gets to be absolutely incredible with a mix of yellowfins, bluefins, and bigeyes. The white marlin fishing some season is insane with multiple double digit days a real possibility, and we do get our shots at blue marlin throughout the season, some big ones too! There are also plenty of big money tournaments throughout the summer to test your skills and cash in on some winnings. Don’t forget about some fun fishing for sharks, especially Makos, and Swordfishing, especially daytime swordfishing is phenomenal in the Fall months.

Aside from the offshore scene, New Jersey also has a great inshore fishery. Black Drum in the DE Bay in the Spring is excellent! Flounder fishing all summer long, and then the Striped Bass fishing is hands down lights out action during the Fall Migration. We also have great Black Sea Bass and Tog Fishing on the wrecks as well.

Oh, the Jersey Shore… Along with great fishing, New Jersey has some great beaches all along the coastline and plenty of fun towns that host them. There are so many great restaurants and bars all along the Jersey Shores, and some towns even have some amazing boardwalks for the true summer feel. Some are just promenades to walk along and look at the water with a couple shops, and others are huge amusement park style boardwalks. Whatever you are looking for, you can be sure to find it in New Jersey.

When it comes to traveling, especially traveling and fishing, there a few things I just cannot be without. All of these things serve important purposes and come in handy in many situations. Here are the 5 things I cannot be without:

1.Satellite Communication. Being able to communicate, especially for the “just in case of the worst scenario”, is so important, and can save your life. Satellite communication has become inexpensive and easy to obtain, so there is no excuse for not having it. I personally have and use the Garmin InReach Mini (, and it’s MapShare feature that sends a link of a map with your position that constantly updates is great for friends and family to check at anytime and see your progress. Another option is the Iridium Go (

2.Overboard 30 Liter Hi Vis Backpack ( This backpack is waterproof and can pack a lot of items. I use mine all of the time everywhere I go and it also seconds well as a ditch bag for emergencies.

3.GoPro MAX ( I can’t be without a camera, and the GoPro MAX triples as a 360 camera, and regular video camera, and a still frame camera and can handle the elements!

4.Yeti Hopper Backpack ( This thing is rugged, durable, and well insulated. It is great to have for those beach excursions to pack your drinks and lunch in and also great for if you want to fly home with fish.

5.Great Sunglasses. I always wear Costa Del Mar Sunglasses ( because their lenses are unbeatable. Having a great pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes and help you see everything clearly is so important.

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