972 Miles – WE MADE IT!

We finally made it to the Bahamas. We started in Curacao and went straight through nonstop to Long Island, Bahamas to clear customs and refuel. The total trip was 892 nautical miles. We did manage to catch a double header of 85# yellowfin tunas as we left Curacao. Then we released a 100# blue marlin and boxed 2 mahi passing Dominican Republic. As we neared Inagua we caught a double header of nice mahi, so we had a few bites along the way to keep things interesting.

Once we arrived in Long Island and cleared we ran to Cat Island to beat the front that was coming. Unfortunately, the front beat us! The last 30 miles was horrendous but we made it just before dark to Hawk’s Nest Marina, which always feels like home to me.

Yesterday we gave the boat a lot of love, and it was the perfect day for it with this front here blowing 30 knots! Today is Easter and still blowing 25-30 so we are going to enjoy the day, finally relax, and of course rig a lot of baits to get ready to fish tomorrow!!!

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