June 3rd Report

We ran offshore in some random rain showers and headed for the 30 fathom line. We started fishing in green 57 degree water at the Elephant Trunk and quickly found tons of life. Whales, two tone dolphins, and birds everywhere. Unfortunately there wasn’t mush to it except for what seemed like rain bait and after working it for hours we never got a bit.

Finally around 9am we did get a bite on a wide tracker spreader bar on the mid rigger and boated a decent 35# under bluefin tuna. It seemed really quiet so we setup on the drift for some sharks. After about 45 minutes we finally got our first customer, a smaller blue shark. We ended up releasing 6 blue sharks ranging from 80-200 pounds and had some fun doing it.

We decided to get back up on the troll as the wind was coming us kind of strong out of the south. We managed to hook into another bluefin tuna on the right long Fish Downsea 2 ounce tuna flare and got that on deck in no time. That rounded out our day. While it wasn’t what we hoped for, still a fun day of fishing.

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