June 29 – whackin yellowfins

Started in one of the northern Canyons at 530 in blended 71.5 degree water. I found where there were some rips and a fair amount of birds picking away so we pounded it out. At 635 we got 7 bites and only one came tight on right bridge long Downsea blue tuna flare, 40 pound yft. Ouch. Not the start we wanted.

Then at 930 double header of 35 pound yellowfins. Left short rigger rainbow spreader bar and left mid rigger Fish Downsea blue and white tuna flare. At 1000 left long Downsea blue tuna flare 45 pound yellowfin. As we were gaffing that last fish the left short rainbow bar got piled on which turned out to be a 35 pound yellowfin.

That kinda dried up so I Paddled across towards the NE corner and about 2 miles shy of it in the deep we got piled on: 1200 quad yellowfins all 40-45 pound class. As we were fighting the quad we had a spreader bar dangling from the outrigger and we had a white marlin come in and hack at it twice and take off. Pretty cool! We had our hands full so we couldn’t try to convert it to a switch! Water at this point is still blended and 72.5 degrees. We boated all four yellowfins and then at 1230 quad yellowfins all 40-45 pound class.

At this point we had plenty of meat and started to work our way towards home and at 204 we got a double header – only caught 1/2, both on Fish Downsea tuna flares. Then at 230 in 50 fathoms left bridge long blue and white ilander 30# yft to end the day.

Awesome day of fishing on Euphoria!

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